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#JusticeForJack ✊🏼 The Battle for Jack’s Life: A Journey Across Borders!

#JusticeForJack ✊🏼 The Battle for Jack’s Life: A Journey Across Borders!

May 12, 2023 – Manushya Foundation is pleased to inform you that Jack is currently receiving the medical care he so needed outside of Laos!

Defying All Odds: Jack's Road to Safety, Health, and Healing

Because Jack’s condition was not improving in Laos, he and his family were deeply worried for his health if his wounds were not treated immediately. At their request, Manushya Foundation, advised by institutions with experience in medical evacuation, supported Jack's transfer to a foreign hospital in order for him to receive urgent, specialized medical care. At the request of the family, the urgent medical evacuation was conducted confidentially, following international standards and security protocols to ensure a smooth transfer abroad for Jack, who is emotionally impacted by the traumatic attack against him.

On 9 May 2023, Jack was medically evacuated abroad and on 10 May 2023, he underwent a successful surgical procedure in order to: (1) remove a bullet from his chest that was still stuck from the gunshot that occurred last 29 April 2023, and (2) repair his jaw, cheek, and tongue which were also badly damaged by another bullet that went from one side of his cheek to another. While still physically and emotionally worn out, Jack is now recovering well from the surgeries. A team of medical professionals is taking good care of him, having his well-being, privacy and safety as utmost priority.

Privacy and Protection: Why there were no updates on Jack’s health

While Jack, his family, Manushya Foundation, and supporting organizations understand that Jack’s supporters and all of those who deeply care for him might have worried about him and his health once the news leaked that he was medically evacuated abroad, we do hope everyone can understand and respect the need to abide by Jack’s own request, in line with international requirements and standards for privacy and patient confidentiality, which were instrumental to ensure a rapid, safe and smooth medical evacuation abroad and to provide him with the most urgent medical care.

In the interest of the success of the medical evacuation, it was advised not to post anything on social media to also ensure the safety and protection of Jack, his family, Manushya team and all parties supporting confidentially.

We would like to sincerely thank all the people who supported the medical evacuation of Jack, working day and night to make it happen fast, against all odds! You know who you are, and we, Jack and his family are so deeply grateful. We will always keep you in our hearts ❤️

We can’t wait for Jack to be fully healthy again, so he can share his own story to the world and express himself his gratitude, to all of you, from those who gave donations for his medical bills, to those who may wish to give or continue give donations, and to those who have been working efficiently and confidentially for his health and safety, without looking for glorification, but truly from their hearts.

We would also like to sincerely thank all the amazing emergency assistance organizations who are now working with us to secure the best financial assistance to Jack for his medical recovery 🙏

Our Unwavering Pursuit of Justice for Jack

Manushya Foundation's pursuit of #JusticeForJack will never be deterred or slowed down. We will continue to fight tirelessly until those responsible for Jack’s heinous attempted murder are found and held accountable for their crime. Our determination to promote human rights and protect the dignity and respect of all Human Right Defenders and Activists who speak their Truth to Power has never been stronger!

We greatly appreciate your understanding of the situation and express our deepest gratitude to everyone involved and who has supported Jack throughout his journey. We will keep you informed of Jack’s health conditions and of any further developments on his case! Stay tuned!

#WeAreManushyan ♾ Equal Human Beings

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