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Prayuth's Dictatorship must STOP NOW! #PrayutGetOut

#Thailand Emergency Decree is once again being weaponized to censor the #TRUTH and silence rights violations! People don't have access to quality vaccines... People are left dying in the streets! Prayuth's dictatorship must stop now! #PrayutGetOut

Please spread our voice & tell the World #WhatsHappeningInThailand

The Thai military-backed government has recently extended the Emergency Decree for the 13th time (until 30 September) and is weaponizing it to prevent people from spreading crucial information. The government is once again using the #COVID19 pandemic as an excuse to silence critics denouncing its poor management of the pandemic and unequal access to vaccines. The basis of the decree is that it may "disrupt state security". The ambiguity of this law addresses Thailand's long-lasting issue of censorship and prohibition of criticism. At a time of crisis, such criticism must be vocalized. The people and their disappointment towards their incompetent governing entities must be heard. Such laws must be questioned as Thailand's infamous status quo of silence shifts to the use of free speech and assembly. People are voicing their dread. People are demanding accountability. People are desiring change.

Freedom of speech is a fundamental human right that #Democracy has upheld since its founding. It is a right that the Thai people deserve. The emergency decree violates this right. Hold the Thai government accountable for shattering the Social Contract. The government no longer respects the liberties and the rights of the people - and it has been for too long! It is appalling that the current military-backed government disguises itself as a product of democracy--when, in reality, it goes against everything democracy stands for.

✊ Stand with us; We need your Solidarity!

👉 Please spread our voice to the World!

👉 Tell people #WhatsHappeningInThailand!

Learn more about our work to STOP Digital Dictatorship here.



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