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#FightRacism: What You Need to Know about 'Discrimination' in Thailand!

#SayNotoDiscrimination #StopDiscrimination #EqualityForAll 🚫

DIS-CRI-MI-NA-TION is probably one of the aspects where people acted subconsciously to influence negative prejudices and stereotypes, resulting in a particular non-dominant group being disadvantaged or underprivileged. These stereotypes and prejudices MUST end to ensure #equality and #inclusivity of all Human Beings, of all Manushyan!

In November 2021, Thailand will go through its CERD review. But what is it?

It means that the Thai government will be examined by the United Nations Experts on how it is respecting and implementing the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (ICERD). As we have all witnessed, racism is REAL in Thailand, racial discrimination is not effectively tackled by the government, and often discriminatory policies and practices are put in place by those in power.

To tell the truth about Racial Discrimination in Thailand, Manushya Foundation, along with the Justice for Peace Foundation, the Thai CSOs Coalition for the Universal Periodic Review (UPR), and the Thai Business and Human Rights (BHR) Network, has prepared a Report in July 2020 to inform the UN legal experts who will evaluate the Thai's government policies and actions. Our report provides an inclusive and accurate overview of the most challenging issues faced by local communities and marginalized groups in Thailand related to racial discrimination. It's time for the world to know #WhatsHappeningInThailand when it comes to racial discrimination - but most importantly it's also time to talk about it inside Thailand. It shall not be taboo. Racism is real, it is destroying people's mental health and lives; it is a crime against people's future.

✊🏼 Together, we need to #FightRacism! Stick with us on the #FightRacism campaign and check out our Joint Civil Society report here!

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