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Why must we apply an intersectional lens to our efforts to bring #ClimateJustice for all?

#JustTransition ✊ People affected by intersectional discrimination are also the most affected by the climate crisis! Therefore, we must apply an intersectional lens to our efforts to bring Climate Justice for all! 🌏⚖️

🚨 Climate change doesn’t affect everyone equally! As many environmental injustices find their source for instance in patriarchy, racism, and colonialism, individuals and groups who are subjected to these discriminations are more vulnerable to the climate crisis. People who suffer from several types of oppression at the same time are even more affected by climate change!

❗While climate change mitigation efforts are actually made, in many cases, they show a lack of inclusion of minorities.

🇹🇭 In Thailand for example, ‘climate solution’ policies have been implemented without the participation of forest-dependent communities and Indigenous Peoples, while they are the most vulnerable to the climate crisis and possess valuable knowledge on the preservation of the environment. Worse, those policies are weaponized in order to unfairly criminalize people and evict them from their land! #SaveSabWaiVillagers

🤝 Climate mitigation efforts must be inclusive of all minorities so that no one is left behind. The voices of discriminated and intersectionally discriminated individuals and groups must be amplified and heard worldwide! This is why we need a Feminist, Just and Green Transition that is also Intersectional to bring Climate Justice for all!

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#WeAreManushyan ♾ Equal Human Beings

✊ Manushya Foundation stands and advocates for an Intersectional, Feminist, Just and Green Transition which ensures that communities’ voices are heard and put at the center of the planning and implementation of all climate mitigation measures!

🌱 In order to effectively tackle the climate crisis, Thailand must switch to an Intersectional, Feminist, Just and Green Transition and bring Climate Justice to everyone, including intersectionally discriminated individuals and groups!

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