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How do false climate solutions violate human rights in Thailand?

#ClimateJustice #LandRightsNow 🌱 Did you know that false climate solutions in Thailand are not only failing to address the climate crisis but are also violating the human rights of grassroots communities?

Under the guise of a “climate solution”, the Thai government issued the Forest Reclamation Policy based on NCPO Orders 64 and 66 of 2014, following its participation in the Forest Carbon Partnership Facility (PCPF), a global partnership funded by the World Bank.

This greenwashing policy is being exploited by the Thai government to criminalize and evict from their land those it deems undesirable! Alarmingly, the authoritarian application of this policy has already affected over 25,000 poor villagers and Indigenous Peoples.

The distressing situation of the Sab Wai villagers is a stark example of this abuse of power, where 14 individuals have been unjustly convicted of trespassing, utilizing, and clearing land in Sai Thong national park.

#WeAreManushyan ♾ Equal Human Beings

✊We urge the Thai government to stop misusing false climate solutions like the Forest Reclamation Policy as a strategic tool to criminalize innocent people! Instead, the Thai authorities must recognize them as "Guardians of the forest", and hold accountable the businesses and capitalist investors who are the real culprits of climate change!

🌱Thailand must shift to an Intersectional Feminist, Just, Inclusive, and Green Transition, ensuring that communities' voices are heard and central in the planning and implementation phases of all climate mitigation measures!

While you are here…

Check out our impact and work to #SaveSabWaiVillagers from jail, forced evictions, and extreme poverty and to denounce Thailand’s false climate solutions:



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