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Manushya fights for #CorporateAccountability and #ClimateJustice! 🌱

✊We advocate for real Corporate Accountability.

Through evidence-based research, advocacy, and international litigation, we push back in order to hold large businesses and governmental authorities accountable for the human rights violations and environmental damage they cause.

✊ We believe the only way to effectively combat climate change is through #ClimateJustice, a human-centered approach to address the equitable distribution and mitigation of the consequences of climate change, safeguarding the rights of the people most vulnerable to the climate crisis.

❗We can only achieve our goal through an Intersectional Feminist, Just, Inclusive, and Green Transition, with grassroots communities and Indigenous Peoples at the center of the decision-making process!

🤝 This is why Manushya Foundation supports local communities facing human rights violations, providing capacity-building and amplifying their voice so that they are able to fight for their rights at the national and international levels to obtain justice!

#WeAreManushyan ♾ Equal Human Beings

Learn more about our work and achievements:


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