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Manushya's New report sheds light on Just Transition, Extractive Sector & Human Rights in Thailand

Our newest report presents 5 “enabling conditions” of rights-based Just Energy Transition in Thailand, especially when it comes to the extractive sector. Dive in the report straightaway or have a look at the most important takeaways below!

You might remember the case of Sab Wai villagers from the Sai Thong National Park or indigenous Bangkloi villagers living in the Kaeng Krachan National Park: Both communities, and countless others around Thailand, became hostages of the Government's plan to reach its climate targets thanks to forest sinks. Instead of choosing to phase out fossil fuels, the Government continues to fight against the most marginalized forest-dwelling communities and indigenous peoples, leaving the big polluters to keep making money.

You might remember Phichit villagers from our campaign #JusticeForPhichit who have been fighting for justice for more than twenty years - after their lands, water, health and livelihoods have been destroyed by gold mining. The mine was closed in 2016 but they are still waiting for compensation and assurance that their lives won't be threatened again. Yet, under dubious circumstances, the Government reopened the mine on 21 March 2023 and with it, the doors to new human rights violations. Keep an eye on our newsletter and social media to stay informed about the case!


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