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We Still #StandWithBach: Environmental Activist Dang Dinh Bach yet to be released!

The Fight For Bach’s Freedom carries on

Since 24th June 2021, Environmental activist and lawyer, Dang Dinh Bach has been imprisoned under Vietnam’s vague tax evasion laws. A law that the Vietnamese Government uses to silence prominent climate activists, all while they tout themselves as a champion for committing to Net-Zero by 2050. Vietnam’s Just Energy Transition Partnership (JETP) has been supported by the Global Seven (G7), and they received $15.5 billion to support their ambitious policies. However, how can their Energy Transition be “Just” when they are capturing climate activists, the same people who have been instrumental in achieving the successes they currently enjoy.

What has happened since his hunger strike?

Bach remains imprisoned, with concerning reports from his wife that require immediate attention.

In August his wife reported that Bach’s weight remains below 45 kg. He had been refusing to eat prison food in protest of maltreatment, and currently only eats meals his family sends him. Prison guards kept a close watch during the family’s visit, and silenced his complaints when he mentioned the mistreatment of prisoners by threatening to cut the visit short. He mentioned how they have taken away his reading light, battery charger, alarm clock, and cold medicine. During another visit in late August, Phuong Thao saw large bruises and wounds covering Bach’s body, and he was struck from behind. Bach resumes to demand for prisoner’s rights from within, and he believes this is why he is being singled out.

There was no update on his well-being throughout September. In early October, Bach's wife reported that his condition had worsened. He is being treated inhumanely, and the prison is withholding hot water, so he can’t even make his morning ramen.

These developments are incredibly concerning. Bach and the other prisoners are being treated unfairly, and with no human dignity. Is this the treatment anyone should get, let alone an dedicated environmental activist who has done nothing but advocate for a sustainable future?

We are hungry for Justice: Bach’s Hunger Strike

It has been more than two years since his imprisonment. On the two year anniversary of his imprisonment, Bach staged a protest for the release of climate activists like himself and for the rights of prisoners.

He began his hunger strike on June 9th 2023, and kept it going until July. His wife, Phuong Thao states “Bach said he stopped breathing at one point and that his heart stopped beating. HIs weight dropped to 43 kilos.” That is when he halted his hunger strike. Bach also shared the sentiment that the coalition kept him alive. Bach’s Hunger strike sparked an international call for justice, with 100 organizations taking part in solidarity, including Manushya Foundation.

Since his hunger strike, the prison had started to take more extreme measures to make his living conditions unbearable, despite the international cry out and support. We must reinstate our commitment to seeking justice and #StandWithBach.

The silencing of Environmental activists: #FreeClimateLeaders

Bach is not the only activist who has been targeted under Vietnam’s laws, since his arrest, there have been a string of arrests, including the arrest of Ngo Thi To Nhien, who is the sixth environmental expert to be arrested over the past two years. Shortly after her arrest, renowned environmentalist Hoang Thi Minh Hong was also arrested. Currently there are five environmental experts still imprisoned, known as The V5!

Our commitment

Manushya Foundation stands firmly behind Bach and demands justice for him and other Climate Leaders who have been entrapped. We call on the Vietnamese Government to release The V5 and celebrate their work towards achieving a Just transition, instead of punishing Climate Leaders.

What can you do?

  • #StandWithBach and keep raising awareness around the injustice he and other brave climate activists are facing.

  • Apply pressure on the Vietnamese Government to release The V5, who have been unfairly prosecuted.

  • Call on G7 to demand a release of environmental activists.

#WeAreManushyan ♾ Equal Human Beings


➡️ Learn more about how we #StandwithBach and advocate for his release from jail:


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