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#FreeMuay: Would you accept to be governed by corrupt people who bribed their way to their position?

#FreeMuay ⚖️ Muay is a courageous Woman Human Rights Defender who speaks Truth to Power. In May 2018, she denounced on her personal Facebook the buying and selling of government positions.

🚩 She used the example of her brother, who fell victim to this scheme and paid a 1 million kip bribe ($100) to be appointed as a police officer. In the end, he never got the job and wasn’t returned the money: he was scammed, as is the case for many others.

📣 Muay also stressed on the need to put an end to the poor education system in Lao PDR that encourages this systemic corruption through the buying and selling of degrees.

🚨 In response to Muay’s criticism, the government pressured her employer to dismiss her in June 2018. Nevertheless, she didn’t let herself be intimidated and continued to denounce government corruption.

#WeAreManushyan ♾ Equal Human Beings

✊ We strongly condemn the Lao government’s complacency and encouragement of corruption practices. Instead, Lao PDR must implement a fair education system and just recruitment process, in line with its international human rights obligations and human rights standards. We remain in complete solidarity with Muay and urge the Lao government to immediately release her and drop all charges against her !

🔗 Learn more about Muay’s human rights work and story, and Manushya’s efforts to release her:

👉 Donate to Muay's family as Muay was the main breadwinner for her daughter and retired parents by clicking here.

👉 Sign our to #FreeMuay from jail in Laos!

👉 Share this post with your network and denounce the injustice!

👉 Use #FreeMuay to join the campaign and express your support for her. There is power in numbers!

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