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#DecolonisedMentalHealth 😊July is BIPOC Mental Health Month!

🤎This July, we want to spotlight intersectionality in mental health for BIPOC Mental Health Month! While everyone experiences mental health struggles, people of historically marginalised identities are more likely to experience multiple layers of mental health implications.

❗️This perpetuates systemic issues and cycles of oppression. Historically under-recognised communities are made to endure higher levels of mental strain than communities with more privilege, and often have more difficulty accessing mental health support.

💭We dream of a world where this is different. We are currently living through late stage capitalism, and humanity is reaching its capacity regarding how much longer we can take this dysfunctional system. In our dream future, nobody’s mental health is left behind. Everyone deserves for their unique struggles to be nurtured, heard, respected, and healed - not just people with the privilege of affording ‘therapy’ or ‘self care rituals.’

🧘‍♀️Before capitalists and colonisers shamed our ancestors for their wellbeing practices, they had been practising them for generations. Indigenous and other ‘Global South’ practices WORK. This includes community care, spiritual cleanses, dancing, singing, painting, and accountability systems ruled by love and not shame. We dream of a world where these practices are revived, prioritised, and valued.

✊Though observing the state of the world can be disheartening sometimes, we are radically hopeful for positive collective change. We have seen a reassuring rise in mass media promoting awareness for mental health and holistically exploring human emotions. Since art is supposed to reflect the times, this is great news.

💗This month, look forward to our posts spotlighting different important human emotions, and some ideas for how to regulate those emotions using decolonised wellbeing exercises!

#WeAreManushyan ♾️ Equal Human Beings 


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