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#IndigenousPeoplesDay: Amazing Indigenous Victory in Thailand's Omkoi District!

What our community partner IWNT says about us

Indigenous peoples in Thailand still struggle for legal recognition by the Government. That results in the violations of their rights, e.g. their right to ancestral lands, right to the free, prior, and informed consent to matters concerning them, right to nationality, their right to culture or right to health, education, and adequate standard of living. Indigenous women live the “struggle within the struggle” where their identities as women and indigenous peoples give rise to intersectional discrimination against them.

Spotlight on our Community-led participatory research: Following our Theory of Change, our strategies to bring justice to marginalized communities are always multi-pronged and holistic, ensuring the local ownership of the process. That's why, when we started a partnership with the Indigenous Women Network of Thailand (IWNT), Manushya's subgrantee, it was clear that our support for indigenous women would concern not only research and advocacy but also the community's capacity development, to ensure they have the right tools and knowledge to fight for justice, human rights and ultimately, their own future.

Manushya-supported research was the foundation of a long fight for citizenship and justice. Based on the research survey results, the Omkoi community led by the community leader Piboon Tuwamonton, submitted a petition to the National Human Rights Commission of Thailand (NHRCT), requesting a fact-finding mission and investigation into the widespread issue of statelessness and corruption in the Omkoi region. The NHRCT was also invited to the launch of our report “Raising Our Voices to Save Our Future” in September 2019 where they were familiarized with the pressing issue of statelessness in Omkoi. Consequently, the Commission initiated an investigation interrupted by the outburst of the Covid-19 pandemic at the end of 2019 but concluded in 2021.

The CERD Committee addressed violations against Thailand's indigenous peoples with regard to the false climate solutions, among other issues.


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