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Why do we fight for real #CorporateAccountability?

There are many successful businesses around the world, but too often people don’t know that behind their "success" might be violations of human rights and environmental damage contributing to climate change!

Contaminated water, compromised health, and lawsuits filed against brave human rights defenders. Those are just some of the real and serious issues caused by companies in local communities. And while the people suffer, the capitalists are getting only wealthier. What makes it even worse? They don’t take any responsibility!

That is why we demand real #CorporateAccountability — we want those businesses to be responsible for all of their human rights violations, including on minorities and marginalized groups. Manushya Foundation supports and allies with local communities facing corporate abuse, fighting for their rights and saving the environment.

How do we do that? For example, Manushya Foundation works alongside a local community from Central Thailand, calling for #JusticeForPhichit after a gold mine destroyed the people’s health, livelihoods, and the environment. We also support the survivors of the Attapeu dam collapse in Laos and we recently achieved a great victory and created a legal precedent in Thailand when Manushya’s Human Rights Campaign Advisor Nada Chaiyajit was recognized as a human rights defender in the SLAPP case filed against her by a powerful Thai businessman! The criminal court dismissed the case in favor of human rights protection and we hope this new jurisprudence can bring justice to many more human rights defenders being unfairly judicially harassed for speaking their truth against corporate impunity!

#WeAreManushyan ♾️ Equal Human Beings

Join us in our fight to stop corporate abuses, hold companies accountable and make sure that People and the Planet are put over Profit!

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