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🌏 Guardians of the Earth: our commitment to Climate & Environmental Defenders 🌿

From September 19th-20th, Manushya Foundation and community partners, the Phichit Villagers and Sab Wai Villagers, have actively engaged in two significant UN dialogues on the rights of Environmental Human Right Defenders in order to highlight the importance of putting people over profit, while providing real life examples of the consequences when governments, investors and institutions fail to do so.

To learn more about how Thailand’s “false” climate policies are harming Thailand’s forest communities, explore Devex’s latest article ‘Thailand’s forest communities fall victim to country’s climate promises’ which builds upon insights from Manushya’s 2023 Report ‘Just Transition, Extractive Sector and Human Rights in Thailand’.

Every October, the UN Intergovernmental Working Group on transnational corporations (OEIGWG) convenes in Geneva, bringing together states, civil society organizations, and passionate advocates. Their mission: to confront a pressing issue, the imperative need for a Binding Treaty that addresses human rights violations committed by corporations on a global scale. For nine consecutive years, a coalition of feminists ‘The Feminists for a Binding Treaty#F4BT, of which Manushya is an integral part, have actively participated in these negotiations, all with a singular aim — to infuse a feminist perspective into the binding treaty.

Manushya Foundation stands in solidarity with the Palestinian People, for their liberation from Israel's apartheid and illegal occupation. As we are a member of ESCR-net, we encourage you to watch and read the powerful intervention delivered by Wesam Ahmad, the Director of Al-Haq Palestine, Palestinian Center for Applied International Law, on 24 October 2023, during the 9th session of the Binding Treaty negotiations (October 23rd-27th).


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