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#FreeMuay 4 Years Behind Bar- Honoring Muay's Fight for Economic, Social and Cultural Rights in Laos

Did you know that at Manushya, we have not wavered?

Since 2020, we have been driving the #FreeMuay digital campaign, sharing her story and struggles far and wide, casting a spotlight on her case, and fiercely advocating for her release. We've also called upon the generosity of individuals, seeking donations to support Muay's family, as she was the sole provider for her family before her unjust incarceration.

Last but not least, we also started a petition on to demand the Lao government immediately free her from jail and stop human rights violations against her!

We are grateful for all the individuals and organizations who have provided financial support to Muay in jail and to her family. The fight is not over. Muay still needs your support to receive necessary care in jail and to provide for her daughter and parents.

Please consider making a meaningful contribution to support Muay’s family. This will also help them visit her in prison and bring her food! You can donate to Muay and her family at the #FreeMuay campaign page below⤵️

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One year after Xe Pian-Xe Namnoy dam collapse, civil society from Korea and the Mekong call for immediate accountability and redress

23 July 2019

27 August 2018

Laos must undertake transparent and independent investigation to ensure effective remedies for the victims of the dam collapse – and Thailand should also bear responsibility

20 August 2018


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