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#NewReport: Laos can't hide its discrimination against women anymore! #CEDAWLaos

As an intersectional feminist organization, Manushya Foundation supports WHRDs in various ways. This year, we put a special spotlight on the situation of WHRDs - and women in general - in Laos as we are launching a new report “In the Shadows of Power: Women Confronting Patriarchy in Laos” on this issue today, on the International WHRD Day! The report comes at the occasion of the “CEDAW Review” of the Lao People's Democratic Republic where we bring the most pressing issues women in Laos face to the attention of the United Nations. And we have already had a great impact!

Read on to learn more about our advocacy of women's rights in Laos below and then dig into our new report!

The outline for the review is already determined in a document called “List of Issues, launched by the CEDAW Committee earlier this month and greatly influenced by our new report “In the Shadows of Power: Women Confronting Patriarchy in Laos”. We compiled this advocacy document together with our Lao partners Power by Keyboard and through long-term, detailed desktop analysis and research on the legislative and policy developments in the country. The CEDAW Committee listened to our concerns and included many issues that we raised in our report in its List of Issues!




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