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Why Do We Need to #SaveKohLipeVillagers from Land Eviction?

#SaveKohLipeVillagers ⚖️ This is another story of injustice in Thailand, when the 1% rich is making profit over poor Indigenous Peoples, grabbing their land and corrupting officials to criminalize them!

✊ We need your help to save Chao Lay Indigenous Peoples living on Koh Lipe island who are now facing eviction from their own land!

🛑 Since the Thai government does not officially recognize the existence of Indigenous Peoples in the country, Chao Lay peoples' human rights have never been properly protected, including their right to land.

📍As a result, many private investors obtained title deeds on Koh Lipe and took Chao Lay peoples' land by building hotels, businesses on the beach-front land. More recently, in December 2022, hotel businesses blocked access to a public route that allows access to the sea and to facilities like a school and a hospital, depriving Chao Lay children from their fundamental right to education! Since the incident was widely shared by the media, the land developer agreed to reopen the road.

🚨 Not only are Chao Lay peoples living on Koh Lipe being denied their right to land, they are also being branded as illegal occupants and are facing eviction from the very land that was taken from them!

🚨 Worse, in December 2022, 15 Chao Lay peoples are also being criminalized after they protested against harmful hotel investors to protect their land!

👉 The demands of Chao Lay peoples from Koh Lipe were voiced both to the Thai government and to the United Nations. They requested to be issued community title deeds to recover their land and asked for the Thai government to protect the Chao Lay indigenous group in line with its international human rights obligations.

#WeAreManushyan ♾ Equal Human Beings

✊ Manushya Foundation stands in solidarity with the Chao Lay Indigenous Peoples. We are honored to legally represent the Chao Lay villagers before the United Nations and we'll be submitting an official complaint to the UN to seek remedy for the indigenous community! We urge the Thai government to protect their Indigenous People's rights, to return Koh Lipe villagers the land that rightfully belongs to them and to save them from eviction!

✊ We firmly condemn the Thai government's violation of Chao Lay peoples' human rights at the benefit of greedy businesses. Thailand must walk the talk of its National Action Plan in Business and Human Rights and must ensure the respect of the Chao Lay community's right to land! We want #PeopleOverProfit!

✍️ You can help Chao Lay Indigenous villagers by signing the online petition here:

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